Sunday, January 24, 2010

World Ijtema 2010 concludes at Tongi, Dhaka!

Turag near Tongi

venue at Tongi (media pic)

Friday view: Juma prayer (media pic)

(media pics)

Sunday: Khilkhet area

foreign photographer

Typical sight: by train

Biswa (World) Ijtema, the second largest congregation of Muslims next to Hajj began on Jan 22 and concludes on Sunday noon Jan 24, 2010 through 'Akheri Monajat'. The 3-day congregation on 150 acres of land on the bank of Turag in Tongi, Dhaka seeking divine blessings from Almighty for the Muslim Ummah was filled up with devotees by Thursday evening.

Several millions of devotees from home and more than 80 countries converged at the Ijtema venue. The countries include India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Canada, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Thailand, Singapore, Morocco, Japan, the Philippines, Egypt, Syria, Bhutan, Indonesia, Malaysia, the USA, the UK, Australia, Nigeria, South Africa, Turkey, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and Spain etc.

The 3-day programme includes delivering 'boyans' (sermons) on the fundamental issues of 'Tablig', prayer for the spiritual adulation, exaltation and welfare of the Muslim community. The Ijtema formally began with 'Ambayan' (general sermon) after 'Fazr' prayers at dawn on Friday.

Religious clerics from Pakistan, India and other countries have delivered their sermons that instantly interpreted into Bangla, English, Arabic, Tamil, Chinese and few other languages.

Moulana Jabayerul Hassan from India led the concluding prayers of the congregation seeking global peace and prosperity.

From today new teams (Jamaat) would go for 'Chilla' (a duration of 40 days) after the 'Akheri Munajat'.

The 'Tablig-e-Jamaat' has been organising the Ijtema since 1976. It mainly concentrates on prayers and meditation seeking blessing from Allah.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Foggy spell over Dhaka getting clear!





Tongi- 'World Ijtema' ground prepared for 22-24 Jan

Ijtema ground and Ahsania Mission Cancer hosp

view of Ijtema ground on a sunny day (ref: daily Star)

Ashulia road side cafe

neighborhood dogs

won't let any passing vehicle unchased..

Turag near Ashulia

kites in the sky

Friday, January 08, 2010

Dhaka Intl Trade Fair at Agargaon: 2010

Dhaka International Trade Fair, the month long biggest annual trade event of the country, began from 01 Jan 2010 displaying wide range local and foreign products. The participating foreign countries are Pakistan, India, China, Iran, South Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, USA, and Turkey. Fair is warming up, most visitors females, it is likely to draw large number of visitors.