Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dhaka capital celebrates 400 years of establishment

Lalbagh Qilla - pic taken in 1872

Lalbagh Qilla- in 2008

Pari bibi's tomb inside Qilla - pic taken in 1904

Pari bibi tomb in 2008

Bara Katra - sketch by Charles D'oyly in 1823

Remains of Bara Katra in 2008

Chawkbazar Shahi Masjid and cannon "Bibi Marium" in the foreground- pic 1885

Chawkbazar Shahi Masjid in 2008

Cannon "Bibi Mariam" in Osmani Uddyan- 2008

Ruins of Chota Katra in Swarighat - Pic of 1875

What is left of Chota Katra - pic 2007

Old sketch of Hussainy Dalan, Bakshibazar

Hussainy Dalan, 2007

View of Saat Masjid in 19th century

Saat Masjid, Mohammadpur 2008

Dhakeswari Temple - Pic of 1904

Dhakeswari Temple 2008

Tongi bridge - pic in 1880

Tongi bridge - 2008, Railway bridge seen at far end

Ruins of Pagla bridge - pic of 1809

Remains of ruin of Pagla bridge - pic 2007

Dolai canal and suspension bridge 'Lohar pool' at Sutrapur - pic 1880

Dolai canal in 2008
North Brook Hall - pic 1905
North Brook Hall (Laalkuthi) - pic 2007

Honour guard for Sir Fuller on lawn of Ahsan Manzil - pic 1905

Same place now

Ahsan Manzil devastated by tornado in late 19th century

Ahsan Manzil, now a Museum

Deer park of Nawab, Ramna - pic 1875

Canopy of Ramna park (once owned by Nawab) in the foreground- pic 2007

'Garden house' of Nawab at Shahbagh - 'All India Muslim League' was formed here in the meeting on 30 dec 1906.

Historical 'garden house' now turned into 'Madhur canteen' - inside Dhaka University

Mir Jumla gate at Doel square

Reconstruction and widening of gate in the 1960's for the visit of Queen Elizabeth II

Ramna race course of Dhaka Gymkhana Club - late 1800's

Place developed as a 'shishu park' in 1970's

Nawab's lawn, Shahbagh

Area now under Dhaka University, Institute of Fine arts, Central Library & Museum

Fulbaria Railway Station - pic 1904

Fulbaria station area - now mini bus stand

Begumbazar/Kartalab Khan Masjid

Begumbazar masjid now

Sketch of Buriganga river front in 1800's

River front - pic 2008

river front at Mitford hospital

Mitford hospital - 2007

River front of Wise ghat, Sadarghat area
Masjid of Mirza Golam Pir - pic 1880

Wise ghat - Sadarghat bank now

Mill barrack river front in 1800's

Mill barrack now in the background - pic 2008

Purana Paltan field - pic 1880

Purana Paltan maidan, now Stadiums
City centre ( Dhaka College) - pic 1872
Parliament Building, Shere-e-Bangla Nagar - pic 2008 (pic- skyscraper)
Pic of 1860 - Rural people employed in 'hukka', made from coconut shell
Rural people working on towers, without any safety devise - pic 2007