Monday, March 26, 2007

Banani, Dhaka

Airport road near Chairman-bari road, Banani

Airport road-Banani, Kamal Ataturk Avenue on right

Kakoli Bus stand south of Kamal Ataturk Ave. Banani

Mosque on the private plot of once Governor E.Pakistan late Monem Khan - near USIS Banani

Govt. staff quarters, Airport road, Banani

Kamal Ataturk Ave. Banani

ABC Tower, Kamal Ataturk Ave. Banani

UAE-Bangladesh Friendship Market, Banani

North west view, Banani

Road 17, Banani - noted for many private universities

Busy universities with no parking areas

Mosque, south of Banani super market

View of road 11, Banani

View Kamal Ataturk Ave - from Gulshan 2

Apartments, Road 16, Banani Bl-B

Road 23, Banani Bl-B

Plenty of trees yet on road 23, Banani

Canadian school, Road 23, Banani block-B

urban topaz, road 23, banani

Apartments, Lake side

Lake side view, Banani south

For more pictures of the city, please go to Skyscrapers and Cityscape


Anonymous said...

love them!! Simply love these photos. Banani has changed so much since the early 90s. Thanks again for the photos.

Tawfik said...

Thank you so much for responding to the request. I live on one of the roads that connect to Rd 11, so seeing that busy road once again made my day :) thank you once again!

Eagerly waiting for the next batch of photos! :D


Anonymous said...

thanks for the photos. I was told by a friend who visited Bangladesh recently that Dhaka is no longer a city of mosques but rather a city of shopping malls. Apparently all of Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Banani turned into a shopping zone. Can we see some photos of these shopping malls?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe, I am actually looking at Dhaka...and can't even recognize the city, which has undergone sooooo much change ever since, I left the country. I used to live in Dhanmondi, could you please include some photos from there?

Great site, thanks!

Unknown said...


Good Work, keep it Up.


Unknown said...

OMG..i got really excited seeing these of the pictures is taken right in front of my house....amazing coincident..hehe

Anonymous said...

In my opinion it already was discussed.

Unknown said...

It's been 25 long years since I left Dhaka. Thank you so much for the pictures. Amazing !!

Anonymous said...

good inatiative.

thanks a lot for photos can we use some of your photos.