Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Banani-Gulshan bridge nearing completion

The 4-lane Banani-Gulshan lake bridge with bifurcated end on Gulshan side was initially planned to be 90 meter long, connecting Banani Road No.11 with Gulshan Road No. 41, at a cost of Tk. 14.5 crore. It was later revised to connect also to Gulshan Roads 35-A and 34 to facilitate easier traffic movement on the Gulshan side, with estimated cost escalation to Tk. 22 crore. The Ministry of LGRD is implementing the project. Though initially planned to complete in 2 years time, the completion time has been brought forward and the bridge is due to open for traffic early November 2008. The bridge will be an important second link between Banani and Gulshan and is expected to reduce the traffic pressure presently on Kamal Ataturk Avenue, and in particular on Banani Road No. 19/A, which is a vital linkage to Banani Road No.11. This bridge is also significant in the sense that it will allow plying of rickshaws (the poor man's transport) between Banani and inner roads of Gulshan, as no rickshaw plying is allowed on Kamal Ataturk Avenue or the road connecting Gulshan-1 circle to Mahakhali called the Gulshan-Mahakhali Road. Unless certain lanes in Gulshan side connecting the bridge arn't made one-way this route may to creat more problem.
(Courtesy: Engr. Anwar Ahmed)

Beginning of construction of bridge

View of Banani side

Gulshan end

Gushan south

night view
Architect's view of the bridge

New bridge shown in red