Friday, August 29, 2008

Street scene end of August 2008

Maghbazar road


Baitul Mukarram, north

Kazi Nazrul Ave

Bhasani Novo Theatre - Bijoysarani

Eskaton view, west

SB Nagar island

Rangs tower

Saat masjid road

Across Kalabagan


New Elephant road

Cantonment apartment

Dhaka-Kolkata through train at Sonargaon crossing


In front of muktijoddha office

'urus- sinni'

bhadrer dupure - Banglamotor

Shooting for TV serial

Actors taking rest

Real life actors

Night view of road near Sheraton

Friday, August 22, 2008

Mughal Edifices in ruins under British rule: 1757-1947

Lalbagh Fort S-W Bastion (area now known as Qillar Mor) built by prince Azam, 3rd son of Emperor Aurangzeb in 1678. The fort was named Qilla Aurangbad: Sir Charles D'oyle's (Collector of Dhaka since early 18th century) etching of 1816. Fort details click: "Lalbagh Fort Salvaged...."

Lalbagh Fort south east gate - Photo 1870

Lalbagh fort - South east gate, photo-1870

Lalbagh fort - (Lalbagh Shahi Masjid gate on extreme left), photo 1870

Lalbagh Fort and Farrukh Shyar Masjid 1880 ad

Tomb of Paribibi (Iran Dukht), known to be daughter of subehdar Shaista Khan married to prince Azam.
Top: Interior view of Lalbagh fort- (Lalbagh Fort complex being reconstructed to bring back its former glory following old plan by the archeological dept of Bangladesh. For details, click on "Lalbagh Fort salvaged...")

Eid-gah, Dhanmandi (restored)

Chawkbazar Badshahi Masjid and Mir Jumla's famous Cannon "Bibi Mariam" in the centre. (The Cannon has been shifted to Osmany Memorial Park, Ramna in 1980's:)

D'oyle's etching 1823 of "Bara (great) Katra" (caravansarai). Built in 1644 ad by Mir Abul Qasem under Subehdar Shah Shuja (now extinct except the tower)

North gate of 'Bara Katra' by D'oyle (now extinct)

Octogonal Tower of 'Bara Katra'

South view- Bara katra (now extinct) pic 1870

"Choto Katra" built by Subehdar Shaista Khan in 1663 (now extinct- pic of mid 20th century). For present river front, click see "Buriganga River..."

Saat Gumbad Masjid north west of Dhaka (now Mohammadpur): sketch by D'oyle in 1814- (it has been restored)

'On way to Tungi' by D'oyle.

Masjid in suburb of Dhaka -D'oyle's sketch 1820 (now extinct)
Masjid in Maghbazar- sketch by Charles D'yole in 1800 (now extinct)

Masjid Syuff Khan, Dhaka (now extinct) Charles D'oyle etching 1814

Masjid near Hussainy Dalan- Sketch by Charles D'oyle 1827 (now extinct)
'A hut beside a Tomb' by Charles D'oyle
Kartalab khan/Begumbazar Masjid (since restored)- for more click on the link.
Part of sunken Palace of prince Azim-us-shan at Posta, Lalbagh (now extinct)
Dhakeswari Temple- pic 1900 (since restored, click: 'Hindu Communities celebrate...')

Nazir Nato-singh Memorial at Chandnighat on water works road - Pic 1890 by Jonston Hoffman (now extinct)

Bridges at Taantibazar and Dolai Khal (now extinct)
Dolai khal

Bridge over Dolai khal (now extinct)

Bridge north of Dhaka (now extinct)

Pagla bridge on Dhaka-Narayanganj old road- (part still in exixtance). One dome of pillar being now used as a temple (for details click: "Historical Pagla Bridge or Temple...?")

Tongi bridge (now extinct)

Dhaka east 1880 ad may be Sonargaon (for Ramna area click: "Sunset Skyline Dhaka..."