Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dhaka's oldest surviving Mosque - Binat Bibi Mosque

Front view

East view

South east

Inside the mosque

North wall of the grave of Binat Bakht

New mosque and madrassa in the compound under construction

East view of mosque from the street

The oldest Mosque of Dhaka located near Narinda pul and police outpost survives in dilapidated condition. Architecturally insignificant, this mosque was built in 1457 during the period of Sultan Nasiruddin Mohammad Shah by one Binat Bakht (or in her memory after her death) daughter of a Turkish trader Marhamat. The stone inscription of the mosque written in Farsi (Persian) is located on the north of the Mosque where Binat Bakht is buried. The main features of the mosque are - octagonal turret, single hemispherical dome atop a square room, arches on south, north and eastern sides, modest ornamentation, plaster coating and curved cornices. The mosque has seen three extensions to date, the first extension, around 80 years ago, a dome was built atop a single room. The mosque is a precious piece and a pride in the history of old Dhaka. Construction of a new mosque with high minaret going inside the compound without restoring the old one, which caused row in the locality.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dhaka University Field - where the trouble started

The Gallery (Gym behind)

Swimming pool in the east

Ground mostly remains occupied by local urchins

Empty swimming pool - swim charge Tk.4,000/- for outsiders from 5-7pm

Panic rush for home - curfew starts at 20:00 hrs

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Road side view: August 21

TV tower- rampura

intellectual marty's sritishoudha- rayerbazar


street market

Sunday, August 19, 2007

In wake of receding flood in Dhaka city - 19 August '07

Behind Pan Pacific Sonargaon hotel



Tejgaon industrial area

West side of flood protection bund

Satarkul - outskirt of Dhaka

Pumping out water from main city to canal outlet

Sluice gate at Rampura TV station

Canal along 'Banashree housing' adds colour to Dhaka east

Rampura canal now navigable for large boats

Importance of canals in Dhaka city is keenly felt