Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pink Shower Flower (Cassia Nodosa) behind Supreme Court bldg

The name'nodosa' alludes to the node, or swelling in the longest stamens

west side, Supreme Court bldg

Annex Bldg

Supreme Court Bldg (Front view)

(pic credit: saiful russel)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nimtali Deuri and Cricket World Cup 2011

Gateway pic old (Photo- Dhaka Mirror)

undergoing renovation

Nimtali Deuri- the gateway to Nimtali Palace Dhaka which no longer survives.

Nimtali Palace or Nimtali Kuthi was built towards the end of the Mughal rule as a residence of the Naib-Nazim (Deputy-Governor) of Dhaka Province in 1765-66. It is said to be the first colonial Building in Dhaka. British Army officer Lt. Swinton stormed into Dhaka and occupied the 'Fort' as his residence in 1763. The Naib-Nazim, Nawab Jasarat Khan who resided in one of the Mughal palaces or Forts was not present at Dhaka.

Nimtali Palace occupied a considerable area on the northern side of the city between the modern Nimtali Mahalla and the High Court building and consisted of a number of separate buildings. Judging from the only extant gateway (Deuri), it may be assumed, the Nimtali Palace was built after the usual Mughal palace designs. The kiosk shaped cupolas on the roof, the balconies, and moldings in parapet, and polygonal shape of the gateway are largely Mughal in design.

Nimtali Deuri was part of the socio-religious life of the Dhakaites. Early nineteenth century paintings, now at the National Museum, depict that the Eid processions used to originate and terminate at the Nimtali Deuri. Another significant event was the flag music, played from the Deuri gallery.

The surviving historical gateway (Deuri) lies hidden within the buildings of the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh.

Viewers enjoying cricket match live between Bangladesh and Netherlands in large screen at TSC, Ramna, Dhaka on 14 Mar 2011. Bangladesh won by 6 wkts.

Media Pics

celebrating victory on horseback

SC adjourned Dr. Yunus hearing by 2 weeks (pic. New age)

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

SC full bench to hear Dr. Yunus appeal on Mar 15


Airport road beautification


Redwanul Islam Redwan, 25 a post-grad student of Arabic received fatal injury after he was pushed under a speeding truck during a clash with transport workers. Enraged at his death the students vandalized over 100 vehicles on streets and also ransacked DU proctor's office and different other rooms of the university.

Human chain formed by Grameen Bank members against removal order of Dr Yunus.

The full bench of the Appellate Division headed by CJ will hear the appeal of Noble Laureate Dr. Mohammad Yunus on March 15. The High Court upheld Bangladesh Bank's "removal" of Yunus from Grameen Bank summarily rejecting his two writ petitions filed challenging the legality of the central bank's order. Dr. Yunus was unceremoniously relieved of his duties on Wednesday through a Bangladesh Bank letter sent to Grameen Bank.