Friday, June 08, 2007

Botanical Garden Dhaka

Main Entry Gate of Botanical Garden, Mirpur

Vendor stalls outside the gate

Jack fruit tree


Green house

Bamboo garden

Rose garden


Lake area

Water fall structure - now without water

For a better view

Pool for Amazonian Lily

Cactus house

Burger shop

The National Botanical Garden, Dhaka was established in 1961 covering an area of about 84 ha of land located at Mirpur, about 10 km from Dhaka city. The garden houses nearly 50,000 species of trees, herbs, and shrubs including a large collection of aquatic plants. Many exotic plants have been introduced in the garden and acclimatized, and are routinely propagated under the local climatic conditions. Rare and exotic plant species found in the garden include Anthurium (Anthurium crystallinum), Camphor (Cinamomum camphora), Rabbit Fern (Davallia canariensis), Dambia (Dombeya spectabilis), white 'Rangan' (Ixora superba), little Mussanda (Mussaenda luteola), Amazon Lily (Victoria amazonica), 'Harhjora' (Vitis quadrangularis), African Tulip (Spathodea campanulata), Sambucuas (Sambucus nigra), white 'Chandan' (Santalum album), etc.

The garden is well planned and located adjacent to the National Zoo and provides learning and recreational facilities. The garden is divided into 57 sections, and is managed by the government through the Department of Forestry, Ministry of Environment and Forests.


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nice photos. Can you take some photos of some of the amusement parks in Dhaka?

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These photographs bring out the tranquility,serenity,and the awesome natural beauty.

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