Thursday, August 02, 2007

Roadside views July '07- Dhaka

Buriganga River in spate

Waiting at ferry ghat (Khea)

Flood protection embankment on Buriganga extension (Dhaka west) - collecting cattle fodder before flood water engulfs fields.

Sonargaon Road (Panthapath east) - welding without protective gear on public road is a common sight

Moghbazar-Tejgaon road (Tajuddin road)

'Hatir pool' intersection - Buddhist monks gathered at Dhaka on the occasion of presenting holy hair of Lord Buddha to Srilankan Government.

Sweating in sweltering heat - Sutrapur road

'Pichhi'- taking care of fish cargo

Rolling chairs - at Banglamotor intersection

Ailing car - at New Eskation road

As Dhaka (east) goes under flood water, boats are in demand - Maghbazar intersection

Comfortable ride

Goat's final ride

Posted in Saat Masjid area

Nilkhet hawker's market

Plenty of lemons this season on Dhaka footpaths

A pack of 15-20 sells for Tk. 10/= (15 cents)

Rare view of old time 3-minute-photography shop on tripod stand - near Gulistan

Tiny rag pickers happy to pose for camera - Dhanmondi Eidgah

Dhaka - city of wire

Bakshibazar road (Kamruzzaman road) along old railway alignment - near 'Chand khar' pool

Elephant road shoe stores

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