Sunday, March 09, 2008

Central Dhaka Scenes: March 2008

Red Crescent building & Apartment, Old Elephant Road
Women Affairs Dept bldg. Eskaton Garden Road

Petro centre
New road from Panthakunja to Rampura to ease traffic congestion

Project Hajirjheel at snails pace
BGMEA bldg - fate yet uncertain

Clearing work from illegal landgrabbers - Moghbazar side

Street scene - New Baily road on a holiday

Sweet root (khopra) from matured coconut

tokai's BMW


Gagan said...

new road from Sonargaon to Rampura!!
Interesting!! What's your personal opinion about this? How helpful will this be?

Ershad Ahmed said...

Dhaka city needs at least 5 trunk roads each in E-W and N-S direction. While there are 3 in the N-S direction, there is none on E-W. As a result all traffic have to travel along the N-S trunk roads for quite long wherever one likes to go causing jam for hours. One has also to bear in mind that train line passing through the centre of town stops movement of traffic more than 38 times or more in each crossing.

Anonymous said...

i grew up in west rampura's jahaj building (!) area. we have been very optimistic about this project. not sure whether it should help the congestion on dit road? any thoughts on that?

any pictures from rampura area would be greatly appreciated.

Shireen said...

Lol, tokai's BMW !

IRU said...

i like your pictures sir! thanks for the hard work

Mamunur said...

I love those cornz and coconut roots. Yaaaaam! They made my mouth watery!