Friday, May 30, 2008

Kamalapur Rail Station

Terminal lobby

New station and terminal block at Kamalapur was built north of Motijheel area during '60s and was made operative from 1969.

Khilgaon flyover-Basabo on left

Administrative office, Kamalapur Railway Station

View of Bangladesh Bank bldg. Motijheel from Kamalapur Railway Station

Railway Station night view

Monument at entry point
Dhaka Rail Station in Fulbaria in 1904 during arrival of Lord and Lady Curzon.
For story and more pics see Old Fulbaria Rail Station


Anonymous said...

To ease Dhaka's traffic situation present railway track should be moved futher east. Tejgaon the heart of Dhaka stands as the biggest obstacle in the east west traffic flow. It should be removed and Kamalapur Rly stn converted into inter district Bus terminal.

Shireen said...

Architecture of the railway station is beautiful. And the history related to Phulbaria old station is very interesting, thank you so much. We enjoyed the pictures and reading the history

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the information.