Thursday, June 19, 2008

Monsoon rain and pedestrians

Shaheed Tajuddin road


Gulshan 2

Sonargaon square

Private university near new DOHS

Kamal Ataturk Ave. Banani
Must hurry to avoid rain

Looking for transport

Shelter under tree

Roadside sheds are not safe

Undaunted garment workers

Splashing water is fun to many drivers..

Anything over Dhaka sky can be trapped in wires


rumi said...

the clogged-up canal, home to the floating population of dhaka flowing between hotel sonargaon and clusters of apartments in bangla motors was once part of the networks of lakes owned by the nawabs. what will be the fate of this canal in near future?

Gagan said...

"anything over Dhaka sky can be trapped in wires" was funny :D