Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rathajatra: religious festival of Hindus & Temples

'Rath' (Chariot) of Jagannath Dev at Dhakeswari temple ready for return journey (Ulto-rath)

'Bhog' for offerings to deities by devotees

Dhakeswari Mandir
Iskon mandir gate
Iskon mandir, Swamibagh

Priest's blessings to devotees

Bookstall in ISKON Mandir complex

Loknath Mandir gate, Swamibagh, Dayaganj

Loknath mandir complex, Guest house
Probhu Jagatbandhu Mohaprakash mandir, Hatkhola

Joikali mandir, Thataribazar
Naat-mandir of Madhab Gourio Math, Narinda

Madhab Gourio Math, Narinda

‘Rathajatra Utsob’ Chariot festival, a religious festival of the Hindus which began 11 days ago amid festivity and enthusiasm, will end today with the completion of return journey of the chariot with a grand procession. In Dhaka the ‘Rath’ will make return journey from Dhakeswari Mandir to Narinda ‘ISKON’ Moth.

The festival attracts thousands of devotees from across the country.

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