Friday, August 08, 2008

Glimpses from old Dhaka

Entry point- Chawkbazar from Urdu road

Lalbagh Police Station and part wall of Central Jail west

Typical street of old Dhaka

Lane to Chawk

Historical Shahi Chawkbazar Masjid

Chawk square towards Swarighat

Remains of historical "Katra"

Buriganga river side

Bumper crop of rice this season

Launch ghat

River front walled up

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ershad

Yes INDEED YOU MUST BE CREDITED FOR PICTURES USED FROM YOUR BLOG! I have been a big fan of your blog for a few years now and i must say there is not a blog of its kind any where! SO PLEASE PEOPLE I HUMBLY REQUEST YOU CREDIT MR Ershad Ahmed on any pictures you use...He deserves all the credit.

All the best