Friday, September 26, 2008

last days of Ramadan: Sept 2008


Eskaton view from west
Hatirjheel in autumn rain


Sonargaon extn road

to work

to slaughter house
van load of paan

to market

herbal medicine
key makers
herbal medicine

Palm (Taal)
leeches for medicine

quick hair cut
pic: sonali sokal

prayer on footpath- Sonargaon hotel

last stage of demolition- Rangs bldg
no dearth of crows


Api said...

The Banglamotor views, next to the water, are amazing!

Shireen said...

Pictures with the buildings reflections in the water are beautiful.

Van load of paans pretty amazing !

Im looking forward to seeing Dhaka soon again during the Eid Holidays time , InshaAllah, and without the traffic.