Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Random shots: April 2009

Gulshan 2

Baridhara-Gulshan lake with lot of algae

Baridhara lake south

walkway along Baridhara lake

view of US embassy from Pragoti Sarani

plenty of printed stickers seen in the footpaths (word " Sannyashi" and a red 'Trisul') pasted by unknown persons on important roads from Gulshan to Dhanmandi.

Jamuna Future Park nearing completion in Baridhara

Suvastu Nazar Valley, Pragati Sarani

Airport road at Khikhet

Concord Lake City, Khilkhet

Pink City further East

development of site for new housing complex

Baloo river near Rupganj



rumi said...

could the sannyasi and trishul be code words by vigilants or sleeper cells? to borrow the bush lexicon?

Anonymous said...

that was wonderful views of Bangladesh. thanks a lot. would it be great country if the politics were stable.