Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eve of Eid-ul-Azha 2010: Street Scenes

homegoers on the roof of train- (pic The Daily Star)

eternal wait at the terminals (the daily star)

cows off-loaded from boat at Gabtali cattle market (media pic)

Agora outlet, Maghbazar

Banglmotor as usual

Basundhara Mall

Dhanmandi- Mirpur road


sacrificial cows take the main road

undisciplined cow

cow and decor

cow at DU

walk past 3-leaders Mausoleum, Ramna

trained cow

poised for a long hop..

under tight grip

watch out cattle's right of way!

cow rests while cops settle with the owner

goats are plenty in Katabon..

Dhanmandi goats..

more street goats..

magnified goats!

checking for the necessary teeth of goat

destination- car cum cow show

Butchers for Rapid Action with tools keep vigil eyes

another essential item for presentation

Empty flower stalls at Shahbagh- Eid Mubarak!


fozlu said...

eid mubarak ershad bhai.
Always interesting to see Dhaka street scenes for sylheti probashi like me

Ershad Ahmed said...

Thanks and Eid Mubarak!

Loginbd said...

Wonderful pictures