Saturday, June 04, 2011

Dhaka Old Photos: from Francis Bradley-Birt's book (1906) "Romance of an Eastern Capital"

Lalbagh Fort, Dhaka

Paribibi Tomb, Lalbagh Fort, Dhaka

Boro Katra, Dhaka

Saat Masjid, Mirpur, Dhaka

Dhakeswari Temple, Dhaka

Prisoners at work in the Dhaka Jail

Dinner time in the Dhaka Jail

Line of elephants at a festival in Dhaka


Landing Jute at Narayanganj

One of the sacred ghats on the Brahmaputra during Langalbandh Mela

Washing away sins in the Brahmaputra during the Langalbandh Mela

Hindu pilgrims bathing in the sacred river during Langalbandh Mela

On the Brahmaputra near the Tomb of Five-Pirs (Panch Pir in Mograpara)

Earthenware vessel used as boat on Brahmaputra river

On the Buriganga river

Anchor for the night near Sonargaon

Ferry boat, Dhaleswari river

Meghna river near Sonargaon

A fishing boat on the Lakhiya

Home bound at Lakhiya

Cargo boat laden with jute leaving Sonargaon

river in Vikrampur

Francis Bradley Bradley-Birt, ICS, Fellow of The Royal Geographical Society, London published a book titled "The Romance of an Eastern Capital" in 1906 on the travel he made in Eastern Bengal (late 19th century). The book describes in a fascinating manner the beauty and charm of the land and rivers of Eastern Bengal with historical facts, and contain 30 illustrations and map.

Google has recently digitized the book electronically and made it accessible online. The images posted here are uploaded from Googles.


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