Monday, August 29, 2011

Eid is round the corner- the biggest religious festival of the Muslims

'Jumatul Wida' (last friday prayer) congregation at Baitul Mukarram, Dhaka

Eid shoppers come out of shopping mall

Consumers choose caps for Eid prayers at a shop

snake lady for collection

preparation for Eid feast

Tailoring shop in Dhaka- behind the fashionable garments

home goers thru Rayerbazar

Damaged, neck-breaking and run-down highways forcing most people travel by train and launch.

kamalapur rly stn. over crowded trains

no dearth of lateral support- Ten taka p. person for ladder

incredible feat- inching way to rooftop

relief after the climb- survival for the fittest

test of balance and fitness- train snaking through crowded Karwanbazar

happy to be home bound

record number of passengers on rooftop in a single day

on rails of pain and suffering

Roller-coaster ride- Bangladesh style!

patiently waiting for next train

launch terminal at Sadarghat

No room to sit. Risking lives, hundreds took 'dinghies' to board the launches before the vessels reached terminal. Workers syndicate 'Chador Bahini' occupied deck spaces to sell those at high price to passengers. Terminal workers forcibly took their baggage to carry and charged them additional fares.

pic right: Never ending tailback at Golap Shah shrine near Gulistan

launches vie dangerously in their run for extra 'khep' ( trip).

Two ferries stuck in shoal in the river Padma near Kawrakandi causing immense sufferings to over 1000 passengers.

top of ferry boat

mighty Padma at Aricha, Manikganj

Ro-ro ferries move along coast

small passenger launch for inland rivers

fast-moving launch for long distance run

Four-storey Barishal bound launch MV Kalam Khan 300 tons, stuck in Meghna river shoal with 2000 passengers on board, passengers rescued after 14 hours.

already fatigued rescue vessel 'Hamza' bought in 1964 in work- only two such available with 4 divers for over 6000 registered launches plying in 700 inland rivers.


the city sees less congestion and polution.

Parliament bldg. show piece of dhaka?
(Pics of trains and launches picked from national dailies- star, new age, sun, manab jamin, p.alo, jugantor, k.kontho, amardesh)

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