Sunday, May 12, 2013

Reshma- Miraculous save after 17 days buried under rubble!

Reshma, a garment worker rescued alive unscathed on Friday from a dark pocket under mountain of rubble of a collapsed 9-storey building Rana Plaza, Savar on the 17th day.

Taken in CMH Savar Cantt.for treatment

Pulled out fresh unscathed. Dog squad and electronic sensors failed to detect life. Lived in dark corner for 17 days, survived on dried food and dirty water. Walked inside in decomposed stench, carbon and poison gas. How not yet known. A volunteer noticed movement of a conduit piece through a cleavage and saw her.
Death toll rises to 1118 till today. Decomposed bodies are in pieces and mixed up beyond identification.
Tung Hai sweater ltd. at Darussalam, Mirpur on Wednesday caught fire resulting in huge loss of asset and 7 persons dead.
Jurain graveyard, Dhaka

(all pics from national dailies)

Face of Humanity: Ejazul Kaikobab of Hatiya in Noakhali district, a construction worker, sacrificed life to save trapped garment lady Shaheena Akhter deep inside tunnel. He was lowered into the tunnel and inched towards Shaheena to get her out through a hole he had drilled for hours. But her body would not slip through the tiny opening. Just then a fire broke out from a spark and it engulfed the tunnel. Kaikobad received serious burn injuries and succumbed. Shaheena could not be saved either.
Kaikobad had rescued alive at least 26 people, said rescuers. Kaikobad was buried at Banani graveyard in the capital with full state honours.

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