Thursday, August 08, 2013

Desperate homegoers for tomorrow's Eid

Dhaka City- haphazard growth

Examinees appear for HSC examination

 Out of 744,891 HSC candidates, 73.40% pass.

Common sight in the city

Hawkers occupy pedestrians way and cars park the first lane of road. 

Jumatul Wida- last Friday prayer of Ramadan at Baitul Mukarram, Dhaka.

Mass Iftar (breaking fast) at Basundhara Shopping Mall, Dhaka 

Buying 'Atar'

Preparing for Eid celebration

Mehendi art is populular among teenage girls

Buying bangles

Home bound at Kamalapur Rail Station

Rush for seat

Where there is a will there is a way

Home-goers risking lives to hitch rooftop ride

Three fall of train yesterday, die

Passengers on top of launch deck at Sadarghat

Over-loaded launches for southern districts

Something new- Billboard grab!

On Monday morning the city dwellers were caught by surprise with several thousand billboards at almost all major intersections and roads of the city
with messages.

back from Delhi last month

3.1 km Kuril-Progoti flyover opened by PM on 5th August

Overseas Jobseeker Alam returned empty handed from Egypt as he was cheated by brokers who sent him abroad on tourist's visa. Hugged by mother at airport.

Distribution of rotten rice by authority in Dinajpur triggers protest

 Trespassing smugglers- for a living

Trees felled to fill water bodies at village Barkaw in Kaliganj, Gazipur to implement a housing project by PWD and RAJUK.

(*all pictures taken from national dailies)


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