Thursday, July 05, 2007

Dolai Canal - what is left...

View of Loharpul (suspension bridge) over Dolai-khal at Sutrapur, Dhaka (pic. Hoffman in 1880)

Dolai Khal at a later stage, with receding water

Dolai khal, now a road, viewed from Nawabpur road

Dolai Khal road at Sutrapur. This is where once stood the 'Lohar pul' (steel suspension bridge)

The 2.5m x 2.5m underground box culvert is discharging waste water into open channel of Dolai khal

Make-shift kitchen market around Dolai Khal

Dolai khal towards Mill barracks

Dolai canal near the outfall of sluice gate - hidden by hanging cloths

Sluice gate near Buriganga river

View of Buriganga river from sluice gate of Dolai Khal

Dolai Khal (canal), a 30 meter wide navigable canal originating from Babubazar winding its way through 'mahallahs' and thriving settlement of Nawabpur, Narinda, Sutrapur and Jaluanagar and finally falling into Buriganga river, remained an important landmark of Dhaka city till 1970’s. Excavated during the period of Islam Khan as a barrier to defend the Mughal capital Dhaka he established, the canal divided old Dhaka into two parts. The canal later became very filthy and hazardous to health. In the late 1970-80’s, Dolai Khal was filled up after making a 2.5 metre by 2.5 metre box culvert along its course for drainage with road over it upto Sutrapur Lohar pul (suspension bridge now demolished). The canal portion from Sutrapur Lohar pul to Buriganga river is kept open.


Ishtiaque said...

wonderful! heard a lot about dolai canal in dhaka but never had chance to see.

Nabil Ahmed said...

amazing collection of pictures......makes me want to come back home..... :(