Monday, November 20, 2006

Loharpul at Farashganj- Dhaka's only suspension bridge

Steel Suspension bridge - photo Hoffman in 1880's

view of bridge on dried up canal

Dhaka city as seen from canal site in Gandaria (Mill barrack)

Present view where once stood the Loharpul
Loharpul Bridge: In 1832, the collector of Dhaka, Mr. Walter put up work for a single-span hanging bridge over the canal at Sutrapur (Farashganj) for facilitating passage from Dhaka to Narayanganj. It was a great engineering feat at that time. In 1867, tolls were imposed upon traffic across the canal. In course of time the channel, once of strategic and commercial importance, became choked at places by filth and dirt dumped from neighbouring houses. Some segments of the canal still exist as open exposure, but others had been converted into an underground drainage in the old part of the city. The bridge stood in a dilapidated and broken state in the '60. During 70's, with the Dolai Khal open channel was closed to built underground sewage system, the Loharpul bridge now do not exits.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for publishing pictures of Loharpul or Sutrapur bridge. It brought back a lot of memories of my growing up years in Dhaka. We first lived in Postagola then in Gandaria & had to cross the Loharpul every time we had to go to school or to church in Luxmibazar, going past the Sutrapur Thana, taking a right turn to go through the Sutrapur market, through Dalpatti& on to Luxmibazar. Sometimes we'd take a short cut from Gandaria over the Katherpul.


Anonymous said...

Loharpul is deeply rooted deep down in my heart.My golden years of growing up in and around Loharpul come back in a melancholic effect of nostalgia down the memory lane.
I feel Home all across the Atlantic.Gone are the days.
Thanks for your great job.

Maruf said...

Loharpul is my heart and is in my blood. Because I left all of my relatives and beloved kid over there.Loharpul gives me always a sweet taste of patriotism.Now i am in USA. I feel everytime my home place across the great Atlantic. My home is just near to Loharpul Jame Mosque. I always pray to God for my death at loharpul.Thank you for your great touch.