Thursday, September 27, 2007

Iftari in Chawkbazar

Historical Chawkbazar Masjid (Badshahi Masjid)

extending part of shop- pushing tables in the middle of street blocking vehicular traffic

preparation in progress

'Jilapi' making


piyaju-beguni, chola-ghugni

suti/sutli kabab- Chawkbazar's speciality
(pic of friday in the new nation)



Halim in the pot

lemon, cucuber,pudina


anxious queue- waiting to see near and dear ones closed in the Dhaka Central Jail, Chawkbazar

A trip to the narrow alleys and thick crowds of Chawkbazar in the heart of old Dhaka to taste the traditional Dhakai Iftari offering an wide range of option was always an enjoyment. Chawkbazar usually remained clogged with the people fond of delicious iftari every year, but, this year vendors are unhappy with the downward trend of customers rush. They expressed price-hike of the items is the main reason and dropped many items of mutton and chicken.

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Shireen said...

wow piyaju-beguni, chola-ghugni,haleem, now this is the real Iftari menu!