Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Street scene: Sept 2007

Historical Dhakeswari Temple (pre Mughal era) renovated for 'Janmashtami' celebration on 04 Sep, 2007

Dhakeswari Temple extension

Temple in Wari

Temple at Hatkhola road

'Joikali Mandir' near Thataribazar

Old mansion in Farashganj

Ruplal house, Farashganj

A monument at intersection, near Armanitola church

Waiting to catch 'Ramadan' customers

Nawabpur Road

Extn. judge's court near Bahadur Shah (old Victoria) park

Market constructed by City Corporation near old Fulbaria Railway Station

Hackney carriage (variant of old 'Thika Gari') introduced in Gulistan-Sadarghat route

'Ashatha' (pepul) tree trunk near Shahbagh flower shops

Mosque inside ZH Sikder Women's Medical College complex, Rayerbazar

Old shrine (makkusha mazar) at Nazimuddin Road, near Dhaka Central Jail east wall

Bumpers for new cars

No space for the geese

Dhanmondi - serene

Mirpur - section 10 east

Gulshan central



Anonymous said...

nice photos!

Env said...

lot of exchange,interaction among the kind and generous dhakaiyya people.