Friday, October 26, 2007

Dhaka city: busy again after festive holidays!

Green road

Mirpur road

Mirpur road

Female guard at Dhanmondi lake

Dhanmondi lake ghat

Sheraton intersection

Katabon to Hatirpul

Police guard at Banglamotor

Manik Mia Ave.

Dhanmondi lake, near Road 32 0ld

Hot 'Tehari' in a street canteen

Cool 'Lassi'

Dog lost its way

Drug sharing


Rehan said...

Dear Ershad Bhai - My first visit to your site and I loved it and added it as on of favorites in my own blog site as I do want to check back your site to see vivid pictures of the beloved city i was born and grew up in. Though I live overseas now, my heart is always there and hopefully I will follow my heart someday soon. Good work - keep it up for us.

ershad ahmed said...

Thanks for visiting my site and the compliments.