Thursday, October 11, 2007

Mehendi for Eid

Mehendi: A traditional form of body painting in palm, arm and also feet using a natural dye made from the paste of leaves of the Henna / Mehndi plant., a dwarf shrub. In urban areas cones are commercially available for use as opposed to applying it with sticks, which make designs more detailed and intricate.
For more see: Mehendi/Henna: a symbol of tradition and joy


Anonymous said...

cute design!

Shireen said...

wow a "mehndi Bush'!!! Took me back to my childhood days in Chittagong, we had a whole row of mehndi bushes, every Eid the mehndi leaves would be ground on 'sil batta',I can almost smell the lovely fragrance it used to give off while being ground!

what excitement there used to be, to apply mehndi on the palms, those days no fancy designs, just a circle on the palms would make us so happy!