Friday, November 09, 2007

City streets - Nov 07

Near old airport


Curtain - island renovation in front of Sheraton hotel

Eastern Housing, Eskaton

Gulshan-2 market

Long queue for bus, Gulshan 2

Bus stand, Shahbagh

Hazardous crossing - vehicles defy red light at road intersection


'Papon' (pop-corn) seller at Panthapath - Tk 10.00 per packet

'Kothbel' (wood apple) near PG hospital - driver for making hole to pour condiment inside


Near Balaka, New Market

Upside down van rides man

Black goat's last journey - for meat market at Karwanbazar

Road - free for all

Incinerators, Bangladesh Bank, Motijheel C/A

Moghbazar slum - black piece placed on line to crush under wheels of incoming train

3 crows


Rehan said...

I don't remember when I had kotbel last but your picture brought all my memories back - those good old days. Thanks for sharing the real life pictures of little things that make our city so unique and so special to those that love our nation.

Shoaib said...

Eastern Housing!! I liked black goat's last journey hehe.. would you mind if I used one of the pics on my blog??

Ershad Ahmed said...

you are welcome to use pic.