Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007..!

Zero point Dhaka

Traffic police's 'Topi' on Abdul Ghani Road

Abdul Ghani Road

3 generations of Bangladesh Secretariat- 5-storey block (front right) built in 1910's, 9-storey block (middle) in 1960's and 23-storey (rear) in 1980's.

Secretariate bldg- 23 storey central block


Dhaka City Corporation Bldg
Old High Court south east gate, Ramna

Ramna park

Oporajeo Bangla- front square of TSC


PG-Birdem Foot bridge corridor: The block on foreground (upto level-4) was Hotel Shahbagh built in 1952-53'.

Sonargaon hotel square

Banglamotor intersection- pedestrian's nightmare!

Dhanmandi Central


Basundhara Mall

SAARC fountain renovation

Petro Centre, Karwanbazar

Green Road


Gulshan 2

Bangladesh Bank tower and Sena Kallyan Sangstha

Westin hotel

Gulshan Av

Mirpur Road

BCSIR- New Eleohant road


Dilkusha area

Maghbazar intersection

near Maghbazar rail crossing

train ride

Tongi bridge

Zia Uddyan bridge

Parliament Bldg

horse carriage near old Fulbari Rly station

water tower near Bahadur Shah Park (old Victoria park)

Entry gate to Bahadur Shah Park (Anta Ghorer Maidan)- where the 'Sipahi Mutineers' of 1857 were hanged by the British and decomposed bodies kept hanging for days as exhibit.

Colonian tower mansion of JP Wise, Indigo planter facing Buriganga river

old building in Laxmibazar

Entry gate of Ahsan Manzil

Main Stair of Ahsan Manzil

Ahsan Manzil- The Pink Palace

Mughal cannons in Museum

familiar face

Sunset at Buriganga- Goodbye 2007!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting lovely shots!

CresceNet said...

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Swadhin said...

what a great site it is!! thanks. but there is no any hindu temples picture. that mean you want to show you as a muslim not man.

Shireen said...

Parliament Bldg! For years I had some childhood memories of these Bldgs , I think they were very newly constructed in 1968/69? The lawn around it is so green and lovely.

Ershad Ahmed said...

Parliament bldg began during Pak time but held up several times due to paucity of fund and architectural changes in some places. Major works were done in the "80's.

Gagan said...

Excellent pictures !!
I m awed!

7toursbd said...

After seen the Picture no need to go the nature, really doing good. Great jobs.