Saturday, April 05, 2008

Development and Eviction

Earth movers in action in Hatirjheel

Shanties cleared

Another bustee (slum) removed - Paribagh

Evicted families and households...

New apartment bldg. - Paribagh

Paribagh scene

Once a canal, now Paribagh road. The yellow structure (left) is the last remain of old Motaleb colony. Hatirpul bridge was located south of colony.

SB Nagar

LGED bldg., Agargaon

Islamic Development Bank bldg, Agargaon

Shantinagar scene

Apartment blocks at Old Elephant Road

New Baily road

Ramna - bikes take pedestrian lane - a common sight during rush hour

Kites high in the sky


Shireen said...

When the 'bastees' are removed, what happens to most of the people? Are they able to find new bastees to settle in ?

Ershad Ahmed said...

They live in groups and maintain liason with similar groups living elsewhere for temporary shelter or help. Our middle/wealthy living in comfort on the sweat of bustee aya-bua-abduls-peddlers-ricshawpullers have little knowledge of their day to day struggle and survival.

Khasru c said...

I am a keen viewer and reader of your blogs. Your photos portrays positive dhaka that attract me more than anything and obiously you are doing a great job for us lot who stay away from dhaka but miss dhaka a lot. Please keep on posting.
Can you possibly give some information about the location of the photos that might fulfill our curicity. Thanks for the post.