Friday, February 27, 2009

Rescue and Uneasy Calm!

BDR Gate images- proudly announces legacy of 213 years of existence
relatives of mising officers thronged the north gate to inquire whereabouts

8 bodies found in the canal from a sewer line

wailing child of a slain officer

bereaved members
some of the unfortunates o0fficers of the tragic incident

34 bodies recovered from a 15' deep sewer manhole

Loved one

About 170 army officers working with BDR (Bangladesh Rifles), a para-military border force of 60 thousand strong, as officers are believed to have been killed by the guards on 25 feb 2009 during its annual darbar ceremony that turned out to be a great national tragedy of the country. About 5000 troopers from different sectors all over the country attended the weeklong gathering.

So far 70 bodies have been recovered and another 50 suspected buried in a mass-grave. Search still on. Slain officers include rank from Captain to Maj.Gen including the top man Director General Shakeel Ahmed. Govt. announced 3-days national mourning from today for the killed officers.
"The Vigilant Sentinels of Our National Frontier", the British had first organized the "Ramgarh Local Battalion" in 1795 by recruiting the native population. The battalion was succeeded by the Eastern Frontier Rifles, which guarded the frontier from 1891 to 1920, when it was disbanded. After partition of subcontinent border duties were assumed by the East Pakistan Rifles & finally by the BDR. Apart from its primary task of protecting the borders and smuggling the members of BDR (unlike BSF of India) have to take part in frontline military operations, as such, officers from Captain and above from Bangladesh Army are inducted in the organization.
Its members fought valiantly during the liberation war of 1971 and several members earned gallantry awards. Its total manpower at present is known to be about 60,000, organized into a central headquarters and various sectors, battalions and border outposts, mainly along the frontiers.
(pics from national dailies and media)

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