Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Enforcement of Traffic Rules in Dhaka- Banglamotor scene!

BRTA with the help of law enforcing authority began a special drive from 01 Nov 2010 against violators of the motor vehicle ordinance. On Monday they filed cases against 1,176 individuals for not using seat-belts, helmets and for using cell-phone while driving in the city and realized fine. They said a jaywalker could be fined Tk.5 in line with traffic rules although nobody was arrested in the first day of the much-publicised special drive.

The DMP deployed traffic police at 200 points in the city, two to four traffic police stationed at every intersection to check jaywalking. Police failed to force the pedestrian to use the ominous looking foot-bridges and underpasses. Implementation of the new road safety rules was found hardly effective on the first day of its imposition or to create awareness among the city dwellers.

Dhaka is possibly a city in the world to deny pedestrian rights. The pedestrian cannot use sidewalk in the city as they mostly remain under illegal occupation of vendors, extended part of shops and dumping place for construction materials of influential persons. Pedestrians are forced to walk on road instead of sidewalk.

Once there were many zebra crossings in the major roads of the city with traffic signal. It is said that many such zebra crossings have been erased to launch a drive to compel people to use the foot-bridge to facilitate movement of cars. In absence of zebra crossings at important places and road intersections people resort to jaywalking risking their life.

It's time to think about the plight of the children, people with disabilities, senior citizens, patients and pregnant women who have no alternative to walk to go to their destinations. How these people could be expected to cross road or use ominous looking tall iron foot bridge or underpass.

Pied Piper of Banglamotor- (this pic from the Daily Star)

no sidewalk in the street

blind end

no way for pedestrian to take a right turn.

Jay walking inevitable

how about disables?

watch out!

relief at last..!

negotiate twist and turns to scale up

Sharp bent at top (west end)

going high

lucky to find a sidewalk..!!

sidewalk occupied by steel posts of the foot over-bridge


sidewalk- north on Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue

New Eskaton road

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fozlu bhai said...

Thanks for highlighting the dangerous path of pedestrians ershad bhai. Obviously none of those lawmakers actually walk so they dont know how difficult it is.