Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Few birds in Jahangirnagar University Campus, Savar

Every winter huge gathering of migratory birds are cited at different streams and lakes in the country. In Dhaka, besides the lakes of Dhaka Zoo at Mirpur, the three lakes of Jahangir Nagar University campus, Savar are a popular place for public viewing of guest birds. Birds arrive in the campus lakes from November and remain until March. This year till to date, the number of guest birds are only few. In fact their numbers were dwindling since last few years. It is said that large scale felling of trees in the campus, new construction, over-fishing of the lakes and spraying of insecticides have caused uncongenial environment and habitat for the migratory birds- the reason behind the decline of birds.

Farm gate park

Bijoy sarani


Mirpur road

old bridge on left hangs dangerously

view north from Mirpur bridge, Aminbazar

Dhaka-Savar road

Filling station

'Madhumita' (Private) Housing- without a house

changing landscape

'Bhubon Chil' (black kites) meet

hyacinth- fodder for livestocks

housing project near Savar

Savar city centre

Entry gate of PATC (Public Admn Training Centre), Savar

place of sal/gajari forest only 50 years ago

inside JU campus, Savar

Bird watcher's arena-beside lake

bird watching

University bldg in the background

guest birds

sapla (water lily)


Loginbd said...

Khubi sundor picture gulo....

rasagar said...

its very beautiful campus. pls visit here

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