Monday, July 11, 2011

Hartals in quick succession and brutality!

Bangladesh's Siddikur Rahman continued his remarkable rise from a ball boy of Kurmitola Golf Club to one of Asia's best Golfer by wining Malaysia's 'Negari Sembilan Masters' on Sunday (new age).

Mirpur road, Mirpur 2

A giant leap for Dhaka- elephant walks in Rokeya Sarani on Saturday

green eggs- half-boiled under solar power due to traffic jam in Bijoy sarani

pedestrian way occupied

Bijoy Sarani

girls stand in long queue for transport in Mirpur

Queue for OMS rice

open market sale (OMS) outlets in the city witness huge rush

Dancing away..

Gridlock in Farmgate on Saturday evening (daily star)

Viqarunnessa school and college students demonstrate for punishment of the teacher and staff for sexually abusing students (media pic)

LGED Min said Sheikh Hasina helped Dr Yunus get the Nobel Prize (media news)

Residents in Gopalganj-Tungipara village fight on trifling matter with shield and spears blocking road (media pic)

30 hours 'Hartal' begins from Sunday- by Khilafat/Islamic party/

activist clash with armed 'mastans' near Kachpur bridge (media pics)

Police and armed run for more action (media pics)

A bearded person in awkward situation

foul! (new age)

Bionic Cops- Hi-tech 'Roborab'(?) - laden with heavy gear (media pic)

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