Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Rain, Pain and 48 hours Shutdown : July 2011

Elephant road


Rifle square


saat masjid road

Dhanmandi R/A

Wait for transport

Battered Rumana Manzur a teacher of Dhaka Univ flies to Vancouver, Canada for treatment of damaged eyes.

Porimol Joydhor 30, a teacher of Viqurunnisa Noon Basundhara Campus was arrested by Detective Branch for molesting girl of class X (media pic)

smelling rat..

BNP office cordoned off by police (media pic)

get-set- .48-hours hartal countdown begins from Wednesday (media pics)

tossing for side

kick off..

Action Combo : Opposition Chief Whip Zainul Abedin Farooq, MP BNP Lawmaker and Cops (all from print media)

Round one- left jab

floating like butterfly..

sting like bee..

yellow card..

breather time..

count down

knock out and count down 1-2-3

victory for the cops- opponent carried off the ring

Recovering in ICU, United Hospital, Gulshan

Running Commentary- Briefing press after bout

Victory: Home Minister

view of Gulshan square 2 (daily star)

stranded passengers in airport (daily star)

end of the road..

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Anonymous said...

nice to see dhaka in the rain, maybe next you coud capture some rural scenes on the outskirts? much appreciated bhaisab, ma'salam