Saturday, December 23, 2006

Dhaka's once tallest building

This dilapidated 5-storey Head Office building of Imperial/Standard Bank of India (now under occupation of Pubali Bank) located at Sadarghat crossing (SW corner) had the distinction of being the tallest building of Dhaka until mid 50’s, when 'Adamjee Group' constructed a 7-storied air-conditioned building at Motijheel C/A. Dhaka’s only lift installed in this building was an object of interest for the onlookers in the 40's.

Present view of Sadarghat road leading to IWTA (Inland Water transport Authority) River Terminal


Anonymous said...

A very good informative place you have created. I used to live in Dacca 32 years ago. Very nostalgic.

Anonymous said...

i love this page ,keep it up

elder citizen said...

In 1956, when I was eight years old my late father used to work in the then National Bank of Pakistan which was housed in this building. At that time this building had the only lift(elevator) in then east Pakistan. My father took us several times to ride in that lift. The photo brought back those memories. Thank you sir.

New York

Ershad Ahmed said...

The building demolished very recently to make a commercial market over there.