Sunday, March 11, 2007

Zia-Uddyan (garden) and film shooting

View of Crescent lake north of Parliament building, SB Nagar

Bridge connecting the Parliament building and Zia-Uddyan (garden)

Weeping Willow trees lined up the lake

Spot for recreation

Curious crowd watching shooting of film - "Pati Shakti"

Popular lead actor 'Ferdous' preparing for action

There he goes - shot okayed

Visitors crossing over bridge

A good place for promenade

Tiny tot and family strolling around

Garden laid in graphical pattern

Museum and Masjid at Zia- Uddyan

Grave chamber of late President Zia-ur Rahman

View from south

Zia's grave inside chamber viewed from north. The bridge and Parliament building roof seen in the background.
(for pictures of Parliament building, Zia Uddyan and Crescent Lake at night, see Dhaka city - by night)


peter said...

nice pictures! dhaka has beautiful spots to visit.

Anonymous said...

Assalmu alaikum,
Wow I am very impressed. I have been waiting some time for a website such as this, showing pictures of everyday life and places in Dhaka where we never really get to see here in UK.

Its been nearly 15 years since I last went to B'desh. I am very encouraged by the development of exquisite buildings in places like Dhaka. I hope this can be extended to the lesser developed areas of the city & country, like Sylhet.

Siddik, UK

ershad ahmed said...

Thank you so much for your comment. The blog mainly focus 'Dhaka City'. I belive there are some sites on Moulvibazar and may be sylhet.