Friday, March 23, 2007

View along Panthapath-Karwanbazar-Banglamotor-Shahbagh road

Concord Tower, Panthapath----------------------------Square hospital

Panthapath road

Panthapath road going east

Panthapath-Green road intersection

Green road - south view

Apartment north of Green road crossing

Panthapath road - south view

Basundhara City Mall on Panthapath

City view from Basundhara City Mall

View of Panthapath, west side

From top of Basundhara City Mall

View of Kathal-bagan from Basundhara City Mall

Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel, far end

Karwanbazar commercial buildings through glass wall

SAARC fountain intersection

Sonargaon road towards Panthapath

Sonargaon Extension road towards old Elephant road

Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel - west fence

View of New Eskaton area

Sonargaon Extension road towards old Elephant road (Hatirpul)

Pantha-kunja (boys' playing cricket)

Pantha-kunja Tower

View of New Eskaton apartments

Concord tower, Banglamotor

Sonargaon Extension road turns to join Banglamotor crossing

BIRDEM, Shahbagh road north

Road towards Shahbagh crossing

Happy kids on rooftop, Property Enclave, New Eskaton


Anonymous said...

Salam and heartiest wishes for your excellent work uncle. Day by Day am getting addict with your blog...Well Done and all the best...:)

Ershad Ahmed said...

thanks..and most welcome..:)

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos!

Turhan said...

Dear Ershad, I stumbled upon your blog by chance and have been a regular visitor since for some months. Thanks for recording the changing face of Dhaka and reminding me of home. You are doing a great job! By the way, are there similar blogs for other other cities/parts of Bangladesh? Turhan.