Sunday, March 04, 2007

Inferno at Karwanbazar and spectacular rescue efforts on 26 Feb 07

BSEC bldg. at Karwanbazar (pic credit daily star)


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Mamunur said...

I just wanted to say that I am very much looking forward and waiting to see your June pictures :)

May I submit a request? I had my S.S.C from Motejheel T and T High School. Haven't see my school since 1995. I wonder how it looks now. Also, the Ideal High, Post Office Hign, Ideal Model schools are in the same area. I was actually born in Motejheel Gov. Hospital (inside AGB Colony 1978). I wonder if I could see them again (ofcourse if you think it's valuable).

If you ever pass by this area, please grab some pictures and post them. I have shared your web with many on my friends here in New York and they all love your work. I also show your pictures to my co workers and they are impressed.

Your work is really original, unique, and simple AND THAT MAKES YOU THE BEST.

Have a great day!