Thursday, February 28, 2008

Around BB Stadium, Dhaka


Anonymous said...

lovely to see the pigeons in the sky!

Anonymous said...

in 5163.jpg (the picture with the lady in an orange shari and three young men around the tray of "paan") there seems to be a translucent layer of grey over the lady's face and arm...and also over some other regions in the picture. What's that about??

Ershad Ahmed said...

thanks for pointing, pic contrast reduced.

Shireen said...

Is the vendor selling 'neem sticks?'

Ershad Ahmed said...

Yes, 'neem' is seen in pic at bottom left, but there are other species too.

MISWAK - Natural tooth brush from twigs or roots of certain plants.

Species of trees used for miswak, both indigenous and exotics, such as:
1. Arak/Peloo tree, 2. Zaitun/Olive tree, 3. Bitam/Neem, 4. Walnut/lime 5. some species of Acasia.

In Middle east arak/ peloo/zaitun are popular. Miswak is being used in Africa, South America, Asia, the Middle East and throughout the Islamic countries.

Chemical contents of miswak shown significant contents of antibacterial substances, oral disinfectants and anti-plaque agents helpful in fighting dental decay and gum disease.

The brush may be directly used or soaked in water to soften the fibers. The top 5-10 mm of bark is pared away and then one chews the bristles.

Miswak in Bangladesh (except neem and some indigenous plants) are imported from Pakistan and India.

Shireen said...

Thanks Ershad Bhai.

Just noticed in one of the pictures, the street vendor is selling those colourful toys, which used to be hung over babies's cots and cribs! had to wind it up with a key ! and it would go round and round ! I remember it hanging over all my younger brothers and sister's cots ! I wonder what's it called in urdu and bengali.