Monday, February 18, 2008

Mughlai at Shahbagh Stalls, Dhaka


Shireen said...

The sounds of Dhaka, yummier than the mughlais !

Anonymous said...


This is Shireen Hussain's daughter (Nadia) from Canada. How are you and your family doing? I am a regular visitor of your blog. I really enjoy seeing your pictures; they help me visualize the city where my mother has her fondest memories. i hope one day to visit the country insha'Allah. This video brings to life the sights, smells and feel of Dhaka life. Thank you for maintaining this blog.
Best wishes,

Ershad Ahmed said...

Thanks Nadia and wish you all the best. Your amma passed her school days (fondest part of life) in Dhaka and Chittagong, so the images remain engraved in her memories. Hope to see you in Dhaka one day.
Best wishes,

Gagan said...

Ami bodhoy gondhotao peyesi !!
oshonkhoooo dhonnobad !! Ageo diesi. Abar dilam!

Ershad Ahmed said...

thanks gagan!