Friday, February 01, 2008

Fog and chill: Dhaka

Traffic jam under fog and drizzle

Scene at road junction

Slippery path

Drizzling at Rajendrapur - entry to RHD Rest House


Over the railway line

It's cold...


Holy Rosary church, Tejgaon
Tejgaon road
Banani Ave

View across Hatirjheel

Kamal Ataturk Ave, Banani park

DOHS, Mohakhali

Chamery house, Segunbagicha
BIRDEM through the fence of Dhaka Club

Footbridge corner under adverse possession

Fulbaria express

Most wired city...

Maghbazar Road (outer circular road)

Agora Dept Store, Maghbazar
Living the hard way - kids selling popcorn on streets
Selling 'patisapta pitha' (pie) - near Maghbazar intersection
Sun sets over Dhaka


sohel, usa said...

streets seem to be much clearner now.

Bob said...

Thank you for giving a photographic tour of Dhaka. The city is quite different than the cities in Southeast Michigan, U.S.A. where I live.

Anonymous said...

good work!

Shireen said...

lovely pictures,what is the RHD Rest House? Road leading to it looks lovely

Ershad Ahmed said...

RHD. Inspection Bungalow of Roads & Highway Dept. 26 miles north of Dhaka city near Bhawal National Park.

Luthful Kader said...

As-salam, thank you very much for your photography. I walways miss Bangladesh, especially Dhaka. After a long time I saw Dhaka, through your camera. Please keep us upto date with Bangladeshi photograph. We can not see it live, but hopefully we will see through your camera.Thank you very much again for your time, and effort.

Ershad Ahmed said...

thanks a lot for your comments.