Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Random sights after 'Eidul-Fitr'

SAARC intersection

Bijoy sarani

3 pearls on Airport road

Gulshan 1

Recreation in Dhanmondi lake

Open air salon

Suhrawardy uddyan

Shishu park

Durga Puja in Banani

Jamuna Future Park near Basundhara

Rows of Kaashful

Kaashful flowers - herald autumn

Concord lake city over Kaashbon

Lake city

Rain cloud over autumn sky


Gagan said...

I love kashful!! Thanks for the wonderful pictures.

rumi said...

the pic of hair saloon without the shearer is a good composition as well as the raincloud and kashful

Khasru c said...

Thanks for the post. The "kashful" looks beatiful. I simply love your pictures, great job.

Shireen said...

kashful flowers are beautiful rain clouds over autumn sky is lovely

spirit of 1971 said...

Your photos of Dhaka are city are truly remarkable. You must love the city. Thanks for enabling to keep track of the city I hail from.