Tuesday, October 14, 2008

After Holidays

Deck of launch

Gangway of launch

Bus stand


Planner's Tower

Lanes awaiting a V.I.P.


Pragati sarani, Baridhara

Subastu Nazar Valley
Bijoy Sarani

Remains of Rangs Tower - far end

jhal-muri in Crescent lake

Bridge connecting Zia Uddyan

NAM flats on SB Nagar road

Japan Garden City, Mohammadpur

Garment workers move in groups

Last of the shanties left for removal from Hatirjheel

Layout of new road from Pisciculture Housing towards Kamrangirchar
Buriganga near Aminbazaar - river piracy is rampant

Buriganga near Dhaka Uddyan, Mohammadpur - where sand-loaded trawlers frequently collide and capsize
Sunset over Karwan bazar


Gagan said...

Wow!! The last sunset picture is amazing!!

rumi said...

i liked the lone stilted hut on the hatirjheel lake, the last vestige of the estates of the nawab family of dhaka reduced to a sewage canal and poised to dissappear under some concrete block probably to serve as a parking lot for some poliglot.