Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Road Scenes: 21 Oct 2008

Fazlul Huq Hall gate

Banani, near Chairman-bari

Airport road

Model of a coast guard vessel in front of Naval HQ

New link road offshooting near Cantonment, Jahangir gate

New road U-turns near Bijoy Sarani

New road turns towards Agargaon road

Near parade ground, Agargaon

Bangladesh-China Friendship Hall
Karwan bazaar

Shantinagar intersection



End of rickshaw way
Different modes of transportation

Chatpati stall on footpath, Ramna

On way to school

Red-Crescent Hospital road - murir moa

Camera shy dog, along Sonargaon road

A second horseman was recently added to the guard post of Ramna PS


Malandro said...

Visit this blog. Thank you!

Khasru said...

Good to see the new road layout. Very disappointed to see the footpath. Most of them are occupied by rickshaw van and other stuff. It looks chaotic. Hope they do something about it.Without proper parking facilities and clearing the footpath for the passersby Dhaka will always be chaotic.
Thanks for the post.

Logi-call said...

Sir, you have taken some fabulous pics of Dhaka. I have always heard that Dhaka is a poor and dirty city, but your pics proves wrong. They are not only beautiful but has a story of its own.

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Ershad Ahmed said...

Thanks 'Logi-call' from India (Kolkata?). Your site is resourceful too.

malandro said...

Hi Mr. Ershad. Thanks for your comment in my blog. Your blog is really nice. It´s good to know what´s going on in Dhaka. I´ll visit you again. I´ve linked your blog to mine, this way, people can visit your blog and see your pictures.
Once again, thank you!

Rahul said...

Very nice blog, and excellent photos. Through your blog I got to see Bangladesh, a country I really want to visit once in life at least.