Saturday, January 27, 2007

Christian Cemetery at Narinda, Dhaka

Main gate of cemetery, Narinda

Old picture of Narinda Cemetery 1875 (unknown photographer)

Original gate now stands deep inside

tomb stone of an unknown person

old graves site

tomb structure resembling Islamic style

Old dilapidated tomb structure

Tomb structure similar to Hindu style

God's Acre Cemetery, Wari (west of Narinda cemetery)

Tomb stones in Orthodox Armenian church, Armanitola. The church has about 350 graves.

Christian Cemetery, Narinda:
The 16th century cemetery is currently under the jurisdiction of St. Mary's Cathedral, with 22 churches in the city having representatives as its board members. The cemetery maintained by the committee of churches is situated at Narinda, Dhaka east of Baldha Garden.

Away from the old city, initially it was small, as is evident from the main gate of the old cemetery that stands deep inside. The gate design resembles Moorish architecture. More than 50% of the grave area looks vacant. Graves of various shapes and sizes are lying scattered mostly of indigo farmers, their family members and British soldiers. Some graves have imposing monuments and towers as seen in Muslim and Hindu shrines. Most tombstones and epitaphs eroded due to gathering of shrubs, weathering action and lack of maintenance. Prof Muntasir Mamun’s book refers a list that mentions some important persons, the oldest of 1725 AD belongs to one Nathaniel of ‘English Kuthi’. The cemetery has grave of Maj. Gen. Hamilton Wetch of Bengal Army 11 June 1856 and some English soldiers who died in the fight at Lalbagh Fort during Sepoy Mutiny.

God's Acre: There is another small size graveyard near Narinda Cemetery, size hardly bigger than a basket ball court, on a by-lane from Tipu Sultan Road where the mortal remains of Rev William Robinson (Baptist Church, Sadarghat) and some others are buried over hundred years ago. The tombstones are intact but the epitaphs partially eroded due to weather and lack of maintenance.

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I had taken some pictures here back in 1993, buring my SSC. My seat was assigned at Nareenda School (right behind).

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