Saturday, January 20, 2007

Some large trees of Dhaka

Banyan tree of Bangla Academy, Dhaka

Karoi tree (Albeziaa procera) near Vice Chancellor's residence, Dhaka University

Rain tree near Doyel Chattar ( Shishu Academy), Dhaka

Banyan tree (Botomul), south of Ramna park

Pakur (off-shoot of Banyan group) tree, north of Ramna park

Bishwa-bot at Jhenaidah

Banyan Tree of Bangla Academy is old and a prominent one, may be more than a hundred years old. Its base has a masonry platform. During 'Boi-Mela', this becomes a favorite gathering spot for poets and writers.

The largest Banyan tree is situated in Kaliganj upazila of Jhenidah district. It used to be known as 'Mallikpur (Suitala) banyan tree', but people have now started calling it Bishwabot because of its gigantic size. The original tree generated 45 smaller trees which cover an area of 2.33 hectares. The original tree is now dead. Of its aerial roots, 345 have penetrated the ground and 38 are still hanging. It is said that the tree grew 200-250 years ago on the wall of a local potter's well. It may be mentioned here that the banyan tree of the Calcutta botanical garden covers an area of 2.22 hectares. (ref: banglapedia)
Sil karoi (Albezia Procera) makes good timber for domestic articles and is popular. Rain tree grows quickly, but its timber is far less in value than Sil Karoi/Rendi Karoi.


Shireen said...

Love those trees, specially the huge Banyan tree at Ramna Park!


Sazzad said...

Yes, I do.

Thank you for sending the photos

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