Friday, January 26, 2007

Osmany Uddyan development is still a far cry..

View of Osmany Uddyan from top of DCC building before beautification / development works taken up during last year

Work seems to be stopped as squatters demarcate living spaces

Appropriate stalls established

Pond (to be developed as lake) serves squatters needs

Taking a nap

Present site of historic cannon Bibi Mariam of Subehdar Mir Jumla in the park. Originally it was in Swarighat. British rulers moved the cannon to Chawkbazar and then to Sadarghat. During Pakistan period the cannon was brought to Gulistan intersection.

An incomplete pathway...

Sign of growing street market - aluminium utensils for sale

Oven for cooking

Rag picker's dumping place of collection for weighing

Fruit stalls inside park


Osmany Uddyan sits in the heart of Dhaka city. Important offices, commercial and trading centers are all located around it. It’s a divider between Dhaka old and new. On its north, is the Secretariat building, and on the west are Curzon hall and Ramna. On the east, are the commercial places of Bangabandhu Avenue, Stadium and Motijheel, and on the south are T&T office, City Corp, Railway Offices and Old Dhaka. This important and once full of trees Uddyan (park) is under threat of different activities, such as, felling of trees, digging, illegal/forcible occupation of open space by mini-buses and trucks and vendors. It was told that the Uddyan is undergoing a cosmetic change for beautification. But nothing tangible is yet to be seen except felling of trees and excavation here and there. The photos, except the top one, taken on 24 Jan 07, show the pattern of development, and is now a paradise for unsocial elements. Trespassers and intruders continue to vandalize the place with apparent impunity.


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