Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Amor Ekushey 2007 at Dhaka - Intl Mother Language Day

L: First Shaheed Minar of 1952----R: Present one

President Iajuddin, Chief Adviser Fakhruddin, Khaleda & Hasina

Foreign Embassy representatives

Floral wreaths relaid and arranged by volunteers

Afternoon scene of 21st February

Mad rush

Face painting

Street fair



Familiar face - street musician Monu Miah playing miniature 'Ektara'

Hayride on hackney carriage

Relax at TMC

Local TV interview

Cultural function at Institute of Fine Arts compound


Samiha Esha said...

its give me real pleasure whenever i visit your photo blog....its really fantastic...uncle can i suggest you one thing...if you don't mind can you please update your picture as better format.... then i guess picture quality will be more nice...if you collect from various websites then it will be good if you upload the pictures from your computer then i guess it will be looking really great like flickr or other photo sites...also it will be very interesting if you bring some focused picture about beautiful monuments...nice creative things of dhaka.....anyways you doing just excellent...I hope my opinions will be accepted by you gladly right...:)

congrats for a great photo blog...its just fabulous..:)

ershad ahmed said...

nice to have your suggestions..thanks a lot..:)

Mamunur said...

All you have to do is to click these photos. While maximized, you get a LIVE feeling. Take my word!