Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Skyline - Paribagh-Eskaton-Panthapath-Banani-Gulshan north


Eskaton view from Karwan Bazaar

Eskaton sky

Eskaton Garden view

Paribagh - Sheraton hotel

Panthapath sky

Karwan Bazaar

Banani north (Banani High School in the foreground)

Banani north east

Gulshan-2 north

Gulshan-2 east and north Baridhara

Gulshan-2 southeast

Farmgate intersection

Kazi Nazrul Avenue commercial building

Apartment block, Katabon

Planners Tower and Basati, Sonargaon extension road

Karwan Bazaar commercial area

Apartment block, Katabon

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Anonymous said...

wow!! I keep coming back to look for your pictures. Great job with these skyline photos. I love it when the nicer side of Dhaka is shown. Usually people always concentrate on the uglier side of Dhaka. Thanks for your effort. Please continue with the modern, nice Dhaka photos.

Shaheed Chowdhury said...

Agreeing partially with the above comment, I like to say Dhaka city has its charmer as well as darker sides like any other city in the world. Showing only the better part will deceive, particularly the outsideres. Foreign tourists visiting bangladesh love to visit old dhaka from Lalbagh to Sutrapur, its old monuments, historical places, noisy crowded streets, life in narrow alleys of Sankharibazar and maze of colourful rickshaws. They seem least interested in tall buildings as plenty such are available outside. They are keen about countryside, common people's life, customs, culture and anything exotic.
What they dislike most is milling around by curious onlookers on their privacy in public places.

Anonymous said...

This blogsite seems to cover all of those above mentioned sides to a city. Good work!